Business Verticals and Portfolio

Venire’s portfolio is categorised into two business verticals :

» High-end homes
» Workplaces

High-end homes
Venire understands that a home is the heart of a family and their refuge from the stresses of the world. Each space is given a distinct identity in consonance with the client’s personality and preferences. Every element is customised and great effort is put in to source the finest materials, furniture, fittings and objects d’art from across the world. The objective is to create a living ambience of subtle luxury and understated elegance.

Venire begins by collecting all the relevant information that leads to an in-depth understanding of the client organisation’s desired environment, work flow, operational standards and communication needs. The firm’s consulting team then creates and innovative yet functional design, keeping in mind the client’s present and future needs. The firm ensures that the client gets the finest design, while optimising both time and money.